Dele Sosime

This saturday, my friend have a party on Empowering Church.
The venue is wicked and massive space.
The main act of the night is Dele sosimi afro beat orchestra. They are massive afro beat band and have 10 of member.
They have 4hours live show case, and last time seems like tough and hot.
Completely smashed but smart night, everybody have good vibration to enjoying party.

Oh, I filmed trailer of this party as well.

Please check it.

More information below...

Afrobeat Vibration is back on mission - EVERYBODY SAY YEAH YEAH!!

After big success of the "FELA" musical, this is the only place in London that you can feel the real vibration of Kalakuta style Afrobeat!

Dele Sosimi, musical director of the highly acclaimed show Fela! at London’s National Theatre, steps into the limelight with his debut UK tour leading his own Afrobeat Orchestra in March and April 2011.

Rising to prominence as musical director of Fela Kuti’s lgenedary 30 piece band during the 80’s and 90’s, Dele moved onto form Positive Force with Femi Kuti and touring internationally. His second album "Identity" is out from Helico Records and now he is recording his 3rd album.

Alongside DJ Koichi Sakai (Ghetto Lounge) spins heavy Afrobeat, Afro-Funk and Tropical beats.

Entry: £7 before 10pm, £10 thereafter
£8 advance tickets available online
More info: afrobeatvibration@gmail.com


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