Steady Medi Vol.1

We gonna have a party at Finsbury parkthis thursday with Brassfoot who has used to Dj with me in TYO since 2006. He is one of particular UK music DJ in TYO. We have spent time together in TYO, and its gonna start again here in LDN. We are gonna invite many guest from originally UK urban music scene. This time's guest is Ramon Judah from Reggae roast crew and Raggo Zulu Rebel.
Definetly they will smash dance floor. Also this time has special guest from TYO, Mal and Nishi-P from Rub a Dub Market( Part2Style)
We will put donation box on the entrance. So all the Japanese and Japanese lover, please show me ur support! It will be sent to Japan through the Red cross with our massive vibes and energy.
Anyway, see on the dance floor and lets hit a pint grass!

Just in case, the venue is just opposite to Finsbury park station!

More information below...

Tokyo Grindhouse presents 'Steady Medi' (Steady Meditation) a night of progressive musical meditation. Organic roots dub fused with a medley of electronic dub music and outstanding live performances from 'Ramon Judah' (Reggae Roast crew) and Raggo Zulu Rebel (Jah Messenger). Hosted by resident DJs Brassfoot, Inumikaku and 1Ta-Raw at one of London's most critically acclaimed venues, the Silver Bullet in Finsbury Park.



Live Acts/Co Hosts:

RAMON JUDAH (Reggae Roast)

Bio: Reggae Roast veteran MC Ramon Judah was born into a musical family in Liverpool in 1968. His father, Sugar Deen, a Merseyside legend from the 1960 influenced many musicians including Sir Paul Mcartney and gave Ramon the foundation to forge his own musical career as one of the most talented and conscious MC/singers in the UK roots scene.



Bio: Raggo Zulu Rebel embodies the spirit of Rastafari with his conscious lyrics accompanied by a library of original hip hop music. His 'Guiding Light' mixtape was a welcoming insight into the mind of 'Selassie I Son' and has successfully received an overwhelming amount of accolade, both online and on the UK mixtape circuit.




BRASSFOOT (Tokyo Grindhouse/Spexsavers)

Founder of Tokyo Grindhouse, a pioneering website which is widely respected for introducing and regularly updating Japanese music fans on developing UK music.
Brassfoot was raised in London on a diet of Dub and Roots, also heavily influenced by Hip Hop throughout the 90's and enticed by the innovation of UK club music. Brassfoot lived in Tokyo, Japan from 2007-2010 where he hosted events and Online Radio show (Outtanet) with fellow Londoner Mr. Tikini, under the DJ duo-act 'Spexsavers'.

INUMIKAKU (Outtanet)

Living in London since 2010, DJ Inumikaku (Doggytaste) has played alongside 'Spexsavers' at an array of 'Mash Up' events throughout Tokyo. Known for supporting famed acts like Chinza Dopeness, Rumi, Afra and Zen La Rock, Inumikaku is also a key member of the Outtanet Radio crew. Inumikaku is renowned for his skill in combining various different genres together and has an undying passion for Dub Reggae and Dubstep.


1TA (one tee a) is a DJ, producer and host to S.D.M. a hugely renowned annual party in Tokyo. He began his career in the mid 90's as a DJ specializing in Digital Dancehall and all reggae music. Throughout his career he has evolved, adding versatility to his style by combining Techno, House, Breakbeats, World music and Dub to his regular playlist. DJ 1Ta-Raw moved to London in 2010 and has been relentlessly recording tracks and mixes inspired by his time here.




Special Guest Sound from Japan / Tokyo


Rub-A-Dub Market is a “Tokyo-original-raggamufin
-group” that consists of 3 members, composer/ selector, e-mura and 2MCs, Jage and MaL. Their roots is 80’s and 90’s Dance Hall Reggae but their music isn’t Jamaican, UK nor ordinary Japanese reggae.They’ve been creating Reggae art which comes out from 21st century eclectic Tokyo culture. 25th April 2007,they have released brand new album "DIGIKAL ROCKERS" includes ROB SMITH (RSD / Smith & Mighty) and FORCE OF NATURE's Remixes.Nowadays, there are more Reggae fans who also like other kinds. Rub-A-Dub Market is trying to reach those people.



Filming on the night: Listen Up London -

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